Ultra Sonic Liposuction


Remove double chin , get high definition jaw line within no time Like Cinestars, you can also get a chiseled look with the help of our US FDA Approved Third Generation LYSONIX 3000 Ultrasonic liposuction & Body Contouring Device.



High definition Abdomen with 6 Packs is no longer a dream . Dr Jindal, trained specially from America, is expert to deliver you a shaped up body with very little time by Lysonix. So why wait? Call us now.



Define womanhood with latest Calf and Buttock Shaping by Ultarsonic Liposuction. Highly effective. Results are excellent. Satisfaction is guaranteed. We also perform Silicone Implants to deliver the shape you desire. Call us for details.



Get reshaped and remove excess fat from arms. Sleeveless dresses are no longer away from you. Lysonix helps achieve the results in a safer, better and lesser time. Dr Jindal is an expert Cosmetic Surgeon for Body Liposculpting and Selelctive Liposuction . Do not feel embarrassed. Even loose hanging arms after pregnancy or weight loss can easily be managed by BRACHILOPLASTY , too. Book your appointment today.



If you feel difficulty wearing Jeans or walking causes rubbing of inner thighs, we have theBEST Solution for it. Lysonix removes fat in a single day to givce you excellent shape. Also , Outer thighs can be reshaped in a best way only using Lysonix because of hard, stubborn fat present there.



Lysonix is highly effective to remove excess fat from chest as well as abdomen.
1. Ladies, Loose those love handles
2. Boys, Get rid of Female Type breasts( Gynaecomastia) with NO SCAR , NO PAIN , SINGLE DAY Surgery. We deliver 100% client Satisfaction.




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